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Free VST-Plugins by WOK.
These plugins can be downloaded and used for free and have unlimited functionality.
Some of them have a nagscreen at startup that can be removed with a donation.
Please have a look at our other plugins too.



Extreme sample time stretching. Play a sample 100 times slower than original !

Mid-Side controller plugin by WOK Music

MSC-01 Mid/Side control

A stereo audio manipulation plugin. Controls the mid and side parts of your audio track seperately in different manners. FREE !

free VST plugin by WOK: PITCH SHIFT DELAY effect


A free delay plugin with a pitch shifter for the echoes. Create bizarre echo pattern drifting in pitch!

BIGREV reverb plugin by WOK MUSIC


A plugin for long reverbs.



Free VST micro pitch shifting plugin.
Great for enhancing vocal tracks. Adds detuned copies of the input for making the sound fuller.

free VST Plugin Flanger Modulation Effect Plugin by WOK

Flanger Plugin FLAN-W

Flange your guitar, drums, vocals - the famous vintage effect as VST plugin for Windows - free !

free VST Plugin Super Wave Saw Plugin


This effect will make any synthesizer saw wave sound like the famous S-Wave from R.
Can be used for any other signal too to give it a 6x unisono vibrance.

Bass Synth Plugin


For bass and lead sounds with a little extra dirt.

Ringmodulator VST free by WOK

RING-O Ringmodulator

RING-O is a tool for mangling your audio up to total distortment, but can also apply subtle effects if used carefully.

M-ST mono Stereo Wideness Tool Plugin

M-ST Mono-Stereo Tool

M-ST gives you continuous adjustment of the stereo width of an audio signal quick and easy.

Chord Memory Musicians Tool MIDI Plugin by WOK


Play complicated chords with one finger. Record MIDI chords with up to 6 notes and recall them by pressing just one key.

BassPlus Enhancer VST Plugin

BassPlus Bass Enhancer

BassPlus enhances the lower end of drums and other sounds, based on a detector algo.

Free VST Plugin Flexfilterbank


An analog style filterbank. 8 adjustable BP filters for drastic effects on the incoming audio. Try it for free!

free VST-Plugin Blip 1000 free stepsequencer for touchscreens

Blip1000 Matrix Stepsequencer

A step sequencer optimized for touchscreens or external controllers as a Windows VST plugin. Click image to read more!

free VST-Plugin Simple MIDI Arpeggiator SimpArp

SimpArp Arpeggiator

A simple and easy MIDI arpeggiator with all standard functions. Give it a try - it’s free !

100cc TenC ambient effect

TenC & 100CC

Two effect plugins for instant 10CC® / Enya® style choir sounds or other ambient softieness

detuner plugin

dTUNE Soft Detuner

Add detuned voices to your synth or any other signal for a sound more full and rich.

Dronos Drone Sound Generator Plugin

Dronos Drone Machine

Analog sounding background drone and bass sound generator without samples.

Simple Reverb Plugin Simprev

SIMPREV simple reverb

An easy to use reverb plugin for Windows.
Get it now for free!

free Simple Pitchshifter Simpshi VST Plugin

SIMPSHI Simple Pitch Shifter

XMaximum ease of use - just one double-knob for fine and coarse tuning and a dry-wet slider. For fine chorus-like detuning or up to 2 octaves raw pitching.

XPhaser Phaser Plugin

XPHASER Dual Phasing Plugin

XPhaser offers the power of two different phasers with a variety of possible adjustments behind an easy to use interface.

Blip2000 MIDI Matrixsequencer

Blip2000 Matrixsequencer

A MIDI plugin for an alternative way to develop new sequences or music snippets. Try this full working version 1.0 for free!

Formantbank Effect Plugin VST for free

Formantbank Filterbank

A filterbank with 12 bands ready for resonating. FREE !

Free Chorus Plugin

PCH-1 Chorus

A vintage sounding chorus plugin with maximum ease of use: just one knob. Try it out!

MIDI Filter Plugin


MIDI message filter for removing unwanted data when recording to a sequencer track or during playback of a MIDI-track. Free and Pro version available.

Sample Player VST

SampleTrigger & SamplePlaya

Two small plugins for triggering or playing a sample. Small, easy and free.

Chorus VST Plugin


A stereo chorus with four delay lines (based on old Roland™ concepts). Sound from soft to deep. Steampunk GUI for this one based on Elements from Jonathan Style

Distortion Racktube


A simple tube emulator to give some saturation to your track.

Multi Delay Plugin


A 6x delay, each with its own bandpass filter. Free!

Ringmodulator Plugin


Ringer is a Ringmodulator with 2 inputs. Free!

  VST-Plugins for Windows (click on the images for information)
Some of these plugins have a nagscreen, but all are fully functional.

VST is a trademark of Steinberg


Donations for the free plugins appreciated.


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